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Would you like to know how your website competes in the Internet of Things?

We have a detailed website analysis report* available to website owners/managers that will analyze:


This report measures the accessibility of your site which measures the degree to which a website is usable for everyone - even to those with disabilities ...


It is critically important that a website be up and responding to users as much as possible. A website that is down is like a store that is closed


How does your site compare to your competition in terms of Speed, Keyword Rank, Traffic, Reliability, SEO, Etc.?


The purpose of your website is to market your products and services and the internet has made that even more cost effective-- especially if you know what you’re doing

Speed and Performance

Internet surfers, researchers, and shoppers today expect performance, speed, and service. We have all experienced slow sites – even with a very short wait, many people will immediately click away ...


Having an effective and reliable website security helps to build trust and confidence between you and your customers ...


SEO is one of the most effective marketing strategies you could use today. Utilizing SEO strategies helps your website get ranked and obtain visibility.


The social media integration score is based on the presence of social media in your site and the presence of like and share buttons on the site ...


The great thing about the Internet is that it has allowed us to get closer to customers. And customers today expect to connect to you quickly and easily


Usability is a measure of how easy a website is explored and navigated.Customers look for easy, intuitive web sites. If they do not find what they want immediately. from your website, they leave


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* To order or receive the report, you must be able to show that you are the owner/manager of the website that you want analyzed.